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Boerne Cemetery
(Kendall County)
700 & 800 block of N. School Street at the end of W. Advogt Street
Boerne, Texas
Boerne Cemetery  -  Established 1867
"When Adam Vogt (1822-1882) deeded land for this cemetery to the city in 1867, there were already some graves present. The earliest documented burial, that of Anton Peter Loth, dates to 1862. In the older sections of the cemetery are graves of area pioneers and German immigrants, including Vogt and George Wilkins Kendall (1809-1867), for whom the county was named. A row of paupers' graves may also be seen. Land acquisitions over the years have increased the size of the graveyard. Boerne Cemetery serves as a reflection of the area's rich history.
Texas Sesquicentennial 1836-1986."  Texas Historical Marker # 445
The City of Boerne owns, operates, and maintains the cemetery