Genealogical Society of Kendall County, Texas

2022 Hill Country Family History Seminar

Each year The Genealogical Society of Kendall County is proud to present The Annual Hill Country Family History Seminar.  Our seminars are both educational and entertaining.  We have a nationally known speaker for a full day of presentations.
About Lisa Louise Cooke - Genealogy Gems
For 2022 our speaker will be Lisa Louise Cooke. She is the owner and CEO of Genealogy Gems, a multi-media production company. She is the producer and host of the popular online family history audio show The Genealogy Gems Podcast, as well as the monthly Family Tree Magazine Podcast.
The Board of Directors of the Genealogical Society of Kendall County is engaged in selecting the topics that she will present. Other details such as date and place are yet to be determined.

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Lisa Louise Cooke
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