Genealogical Society of Kendall County, Texas
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View Record  976.1 Moul ALABAMA A History of Center Ridge, Dallas County, Alabama a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences in the University of Alabama UNK
View Record  975.8 Clay GEORGIA A History of Clayton County, Georgia, 1821-1983 UNK
View Record  973.2 Chit USA A history of colonial America Chitwood, Oliver Perry,
View Record  976.4515 Scot TEXAS Coryell A history of Coryell County, Texas Scott, Zelma.
View Record  975.8 Ande GEORGIA A history of Coweta County from 1825 to 1880 Anderson, W. U.
View Record  976.4875 Hist TEXAS Crockett A history of Crockett County The Crockett County Historical Society.
View Record  976.4741 Arri TEXAS Dickens A history of Dickens County : ranches and rolling plains Arrington, Fred.
View Record  976.4882 Rock TEXAS Edwards A History of Edwards County UNK
View Record  944 Romi FRANCE A History of France Romier, Lucien
View Record  975.5 Carr VIRGINIA A history of Halifax County, Virginia Carrington, Wirt (Johnson) Turner,
View Record  976.4549 Hist TEXAS Hamilton A History of Hamilton County, Texas UNK
View Record  976.4159 Swea TEXAS Jasper A history of Jasper County, Texas Swearingen, H. V. "Van"
View Record  976.4193 Mcka TEXAS Marion A history of Jefferson, Marion County, Texas, 1836-1936 McKay, Arch,
View Record  976.4886 Hist TEXAS Kendall A History of Kendall County, Texas : Rivers, Ranches, Railroads, Recreation Kendall County Historical Commission
View Record  976.4237 Madi TEXAS Madison A History of Madison County, Texas UNK
View Record  974.9 Salt NEW JERSEY A history of Monmouth and Ocean counties Salter, Edwin,
View Record  976.4159 Swea TEXAS Jasper A History of New Calendonia; Burkeville, Texas The "Plymouth Rock of Texas" and the "Plymouth Rock Settlement" of Texas Swearingen, H. V. "Van"
View Record  976.3 Gaut LOUISIANA A History of Notre Dame de la Paix / Our Lady of Peace Church Parish in Vacherie, Louisiana Gautreau, Henry W.
View Record  976.4836 Lewi TEXAS Parmer A history of Parmer County, Texas UNK
View Record  976.2 Rank MISSISSIPPI A History of Rankin County Mississippi UNK
View Record  976.4239 Bake TEXAS Robertson A History of Robertson County, Texas Baker, John Walter
View Record  975.6 Rump NORTH CAROLINA A history of Rowan County, North Carolina; containing sketches of prominent families and distinguished men. Rumple, Jethro.
View Record  974.8 Lore PENNSYLVANIA A History of Salisbury township Lorenz, Joan M.
View Record  MFICHE LDS Drawer 3 VIRGINIA A History of Saltville, Virginia UNK
View Record  975.5 Addi VIRGINIA A History of Scott County Virginia. An early history and pioneer settlements, providing insights into churches, courts, schools, newspapers, railways, and industry, with a glance at Scott County's contribution in the War of 1812 and the Civil War. The work provides biographical and genealogical sketches of some Scott County residents. Addington, Robert M.
View Record  975.5 Slau VIRGINIA A history of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia : with notes of old churches and old families, and illustrations of the manners and customs of the olden time / Slaughter, Philip,
View Record  976.4737 Hist TEXAS Stonewall A history of Stonewall County : Between the forks Stonewall County Historical Commission.
View Record  977.2 Wolf INDIANA A History of Sullivan County, Indiana: Closing of the First Century's History of the County, and Showing the Growth of Its People, Institutions, Industries and Wealth, VOL 1-2 (Both volumes are bound together) Wolfe, Thomas J.
View Record  MFICHE LDS Drawer 3 MISSISSIPPI A history of Tate County[Mississippi] UNK
View Record  RARE 976.4 Thra TEXAS A History of Texas from the earliest settlement to the year 1885 Thrall, H. S.
View Record  974.4 Jack MASSACHUSETTS A history of the early settlement of Newton, county of Middlesex, Massachusetts, from 1639-1800 : with a genealogical register of its inhabitants, prior to 1800 / Jackson, Francis,
View Record  973.04942 Mcge USA A History of the Irish settlers in North America : from the earliest period to the census of 1850 McGee, Thomas D'Arcy.
View Record  976.4172 Trin TEXAS Trinity A History of Trinity, Texas; the first one hundred years and more The Trinity Historical Society
View Record  941.2 Davi WALES A History of Wales Davies, John
View Record  977.4 Upwa MICHIGAN A home for our heritage : the building and growth of Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum, 1929-1979 / Upward, Geoffrey C.,
View Record  975.5 Virg VIRGINIA A hornbook of Virginia history. UNK
View Record  976.4141 Mcas TEXAS Harris A Houston Legacy : On the Corner of Main and Texas McAshan, Marie Phelps
View Record  RARE 976.4886 Rans TEXAS Kendall A hundred years of Comfort in Texas; a centennial history Ransleben, Guido E.
View Record  976.4887 Greg TEXAS Comal A Journey in faith : the history of First Protestant Church, New Braunfels, Texas 1844-1995 Gregory, RoseMarie Leissner.
View Record  929.2 Layton FAMILY A Layton genealogical history UNK
View Record  974.3 Clar VERMONT A list of pensioners of the War of 1812 Clark, Byron N.
View Record  975.8 Coul GEORGIA A List of the early settlers of Georgia UNK
View Record  976.4139 TEXAS Galveston A List of Those Who Perished in the Storm at Galveston, Saturday, September 8th, 1900. This list was taken from an old book, published right after the Great Storm of 1900, and may not be complete. These copies courtesy of Pete Rygaard, a member of the Galveston County Genealogy Society. UNK
View Record  929.2 Melugin FAMILY A Memorial to the Melugin Family of America McKay, Douthitt Melugin
View Record  943.6 Mort AUSTRIA A nervous splendor: Vienna, 1888-1889 Morton, Frederic
View Record  973.3 Smit USA A new age now begins : a people's history of the American Revolution Smith, Page.
View Record  941.5 Mitc IRELAND A new genealogical atlas of Ireland Mitchell, Brian.
View Record  976.4 Geue TEXAS A new land beckoned : German immigration to Texas, 1844-1847 Geue, Chester William.
View Record  B LEHMANN A new look at Nine Years with the Indians, 1870-1879 : the story of the captivity and life of a Texan among the Indians Lehmann, Herman
View Record  976.435 Hatl TEXAS Bexar A Ninety year record of Madison Square Presbyterian Church, 1882-1972 : by Roy O. Hatley and Minnie P. Hatley Hatley, Roy and Minnie P.
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Records: 151 to 200 of 4428