Genealogical Society of Kendall County, Texas
The Rachel Morgan Betz award honors the founder of The Genealogical Society of Kendall County and is given each year to a member sho has made an outstanding contribution to the Society through service to the organization over a period of several years.
Rachel Morgan Betz Service Award
2002 Kate Skinner-Klee
2003 Joyce Behr
2004 Cathy Schwarz
2005 Edna Felps  +
2006 Regina Adam
2007 Mary Taylor
2008 Elizabeth Hudson  +
2009 Paulette Thompson
2010  Mary Alice Dell
2011 Jim Boyd
2011 Harry Dell
2012 Gwen Adrian
2013 Irene Page
2014 Nancy McLarry
2015 Sharon Wolff
2016 Midge Glor
2016 Bob Goldsborough +
2017 Linda Stephens
2018 Lloyd Shenberger
+  Deceased